Generals Go Forth, Not To Jail

The United States Army is a distinguished organization and there is nothing more distinguished than those who are officers in this organization. Now, if you become a general then the “distinguished” part becomes even more distinguished by the need for those who are generals to protect one another against those who are not in the Army. General Jeffrey Sinclair is a distinguished soldier who led the 82nd Airborne division, among the most distinguished divisions in the history of America’s armed forces. It turns out that General Sinclair enjoyed playing around with female officers as well as the wives of his fellow officers. According to Army regulations, adultery is a crime as well as abusing females is a crime. Of course, what actually were his “crimes?” He had sex with females, he enjoyed sending and receiving sexual emails and he really enjoyed those nude photos.

The most serious charge against General Sinclair was that he forced a female captain to have sex. There was a court martial. On the court martial jury were fellow generals. They allowed General Sinclair to plead guilty of adultery and sex messages, but that stuff about forcing sex was just ignored. The judge found Sinclair guilty of those lesser charges, he will be dismissed from the service and pay a fine of $20,000. According to Rep. Jackie Speir, the decision if “laughable punishment.” That is putting it mildly!!