Generals Meet-Do They Agree?

General Martin Dempsey, Chief of Staff of the United States armed forces met with an old friend,Egyptian Marshal Hussein Tantawi in order to discuss recent events which have resulted in arrest of NGO personnel in Egypt. The United States is trapped in a cross fire between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks power in the country. The American wanted to warn or inform, choose your word, his fellow general that America was upset at recent actions which have resulted in arrest of foreign NGO personnel.

Naturally, the  Egyptian army sees any group which urges democracy as a threat to their power. When in a state of fear in the Middle East, go on the attack at some foreign devil as the cause of something. “We face conspiracies hatched against the homeland whose goal is to undermine the institutions of the Egyptian state and whose aim is to topple the State itself so that chaos reigns.”

In this case, “chaos” means democracy in practice.