Generation Without Dreams

I have spent the past year seeking to get a grasp on those who are under the age of 30. Sometimes I refer to them as “The Indifferent Generation” and other times as “The Generation Without Dreams.” After all, the last time a tunnel was built under the Hudson River was a hundred years ago. The other day one of these people expressed his concern that President Obama would restrict his ammunition which would result in not having enough to fire at someone. I still am not clear who he wanted to have a  shoot out with other than “the government.” But, the deeper issue is lack of dreams by this generation. Most are simply indifferent to the reality of poverty or lack of jobs-except when it intrudes on their world. Few display a sense of connection with those suffering under a recession caused by business and government.

I still seek to travel among the stars in hope of meeting other life forms. I still seek a planet Earth in which no person suffers from lack of medical  care or food or jobs-except when it intrudes personally on their lives. Yes, I am a  dreamer. Once we Americans built the best highway system in the world, we built the best railroad system in the world. We went to the Moon. We joined in a great war to end the horror of Nazism. Today, it is the ammunition question which dominates the lives of so many Americans.

These is a sad era for those with dreams. Alas, I will have to wait Death in hope of finding answers for my numerous questions about life and death.