Genocide Did Occur Against Armenians!

The ongoing debate spurred by Turks, who for some reason, insist on defending the Ottoman Empire against charges its armed forces conducted genocidal campaigns against Armenians in their country. The Assembly of Turkish American Associations wanted curriculum material to be included in the teaching of history that denies there was any genocide in Turkey. They want schools to teach that 300,00 to 500,000 Armenians and Turks died during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and that no Armenians were killed by Ottoman soldiers. There is a broader issue involved in the decision of the US Appeals Court which denied the request of Turkish groups who wanted to deny reality. If every group which does not like existing school curriculum was allowed to tell teachers what they must include it opens the Pandora’s box of litigation. Are we supposed to include denial of the Holocaust material from neo-Nazis?

Those who believe no genocide ever happened are encouraged to write historical works and persuade college teachers to use them in teaching history. Frankly, I doubt if anyone could persuade a real historian to buy into this fantasy of how Armenians died.