Genocide Never Ends

The Ottoman Empire was guilty of incredible brutality against Armenians who lives within its boundaries. The murdred hundreds of thousands during a hate filled outburst of cruelty against innocent people. As Pope Francis noted, it was “the first genocide of the twentieth century.” In a meeting with Armenians the Pope decried this mass murder. Of course, his comments will be greeted with derision by the government of Turkey which continues to insist that no killings occured on a mass scale. In fact, it argues the defenless Armenians were themselves guilty of killing innocent Turks.

The people of Germany have admitted there was a Holocaust. The government of Germany has developed excellent education programs to teach youth what their grandparents did in order that this evil action not be forgotten. Turkey simply has to develop an education program, teach its children about the past in order that future such actions will never again occur. We Americans murdered thousands of innocent Indians and this must be taught to our children.