Genocide Wars Rage In Turkey And France

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is not going to end the genocide war against France until: (a) France admits it committed genocide during its colonial rule in Algeria, (b) France admits there was no  genocide against Armenians in Turkey in 1915, or (c) we all agree that genocide never took place anywhere in the world and millions of humans were killed by Martian invaders. According to Erdogan, “what the French did in Algeria during its colonization was genocide.” He claimed that 15% of Algerians were massacred between 1945-1962. Erdogan also pointed out that President Sarkozy’s father served in the French Legion during this time period and thus was part of the genocide.

There are two issues emanating from his statement. One argues there was genocide in Algeria and the other argues there was no genocide in Turkey against Armenians. I get confused. What does genocide in Algeria have to do with genocide in Turkey? Is Mr. Erdogan attempting to prove that if you commit genocide it means you are not allowed to discuss our genocide? When will Turkey admit it killed over a million Armenians and in order to demonstrate moral and ethical health as a nation? The US Congress apologized to Japanese Americans for their internment. Germany has apologized for the Holocaust. Just admit the truth and everyone who engaged in genocide can finally cleanse their souls.