Geoff The Queer Queers It

I do not know much about Geoff McGrath other than he enjoys participating in Boy Scout affairs and is a member of the Rainier Beach Methodist Church in Seattle, Washington. I assume that means he believes in the Christian religion and seeks to help others in need. Mr. McGrath asked his church to help sponsor creation of a new Boy Scout unit and offered to be their Scout leader. Ah, Mr. McGrath is a person of the gay persuasion and is married to another man. The Boy Scouts accepts gay boys, but does not want gay scout leaders anywhere near those boys. In other words, a gay can be a scout, but a gay cannot be a scout leader. The only logical assumption of this rule is that once gays grow up–BEWARE!

Mr. McGrath was featured on KINGS NEWS, a TV station and I assume they discussed his desire to become involved with Boy Scouts and help them in their personal growth. Once the Boy Scouts of America learned that a gay had publicly announced to the world that he was gay, they had no option but to fire him. “Our policy is that we do not ask people about their sexual orientation,and it is not an issue until they deliberately inject it into scouting in an inappropriate fashion.”‘

In other words, always be a silent gay scout master.