George Bush-A Man Of Peace-At Least He Says Now

It may come as a shock to people on planet Earth, but President Bush has always pursued the path of peace. However, he expressed to reporters some regret at the tone he used in expressing his peaceful intentions. “I think that in retrospect I could have used a different tone, a different rhetoric.” He expressed sorrow that his expressions such as “bring em on” or “mission accomplished” may have given the incorrect impression the man of peace was somehow intent on pursuing the path of war. He insisted that he tried everything in order to avoid war with Iraq, but Saddam just would not cooperate. Of course, his comments have been contradicted by people like Scott McClellan who worked with him and heard him speak of the need for war.

The president disputed the notion that Europeans believe he is a warmonger and that his actions damaged America’s reputation in the world as a force of peace. “I don’t buy into that theory. America is a force for good. America is a force for liberty.” He cited American efforts to cure HIV or malaria as examples of his desire for peace.

George Bush expresses regrets about words he used, but not a word of regret about the thousands who died and will die as a result of his actions in Iraq and the Afghanistan bungling which allowed Osama bin Laden to escape.