George Bush and Chavez Both Disliked

A recent Pew Study revealed that Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez is even more disliked by many Latin Americans than George Bush. Over 70% of people in Argentine dislike Bush and almost as many don’t like Chavez. Heck, even in Venezuela a majority of people prefer Bush to Chavez, but Bush’s favorable rating has dramatically dropped in Chile.

These figures lead to one conclusion, Bush appears to get higher ratings when he is linked with someone who is also disliked. Bush should have a law passed requiring that polling of his popularity must include the name of at least one other disliked leader. Bush needs an affirmative action program in polling to give him an equal opportunity to become popular. How about a Bush-Hitler poll? But, then again, since he has appointed Supreme Court justices who disagree with affirmative action, the prospect of polling affirmative action may not be achieved. George, only appoint liberal judges who support affirmative action!

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