George Bush And Politics Of Terrorism In Somalia!

George Bush is happily chopping wood in Texas and attending football games where the crowd gives him a nice cheer and broadcasters cluster around the born again Christian Texan for interviews. But, thousands of miles away in Africa, thousands of people are suffering because of George Bush and his policies of war and destruction. He persuaded Ethiopian troops to invade Somalia and wipe out the Islamic Courts Union which had restored a semblance of order into the chaos known as Somalia. In time, Somalians rebelled against the Christian Ethiopian foreigners and they left Somalia. But, what did the Bush policy leave in its place– chaos, destruction and the rise of fundamentalist Islamic groups that make the Islamic Courts Union come across as moderates.

Over 500,000 Somalians have fled to the security of Somaliland. Sarida Nour Ahmed told a reporter about her experiences living in a world controlled by al-Shabaab militants who supposedly represent a conservative Islamic order. “The situation was unbearable. Mortars were landing every day. At night there was torture, rape and killing. At first we thought it was because of the Ethiopian invasion. They(al-Shabaab) came to our houses. Robbed and raped. She described how women were being tried in secret sharia courts where wearing a light colored outfit could result in 90 lashes or even being raped.

Yes, George, have a good time at the Super Bowl and laugh and play while the legacy of your stupidity lives on in Somalia.