George Bush Godfather Of Terrorism

Once upon a time about ten years ago there was a group of men who called themselves, “al-Qaeda.” They were not well known and so they decided to do something spectacular that would make them famous. Well, they sent some men to seize airplanes and blow up the World Trade Center. Fortunately, for terrorists, a man named George Bush was the president. Bush gathered around him great minds like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and they decided the only way to gain electoral victory in America was to create a vast terrorist empire that would stretch around the globe. It was clear to George that he needed a dramatic “victory” that would transform this shirker from combat during the Vietnam war into a military genius. The trio authorized the invasion of Iraq. To this day, at Ramadan, terrorists fade west to the sacred stated of Texas and offer prayers to their beloved godfather, the George Bush. From about 2,000 members in 1001, al-Qaeda now has thousands of fighters who have the capability to overthrow governments.

In Somalia veterans of the war in Afghanistan have returned home to train al-Shabab militants and make them more effective against the 7,000 member African Union army which protects the government. Yesterday, Somali militants crashed a car bomb into the airport gate and created havoc. I have received unconfirmed reports that al-Qaeda seeks to make their absent godfather, George Bush, their protective saint. Sounds OK to me.