George Bush Hero In Albania!

American liberals enjoy poking fun at former president George Bush and claim he is hated in the world due to the ill-fated invasion of Iraq. Sorry liberals, but news from Albania indicates that George Bush is a true American hero. Bush was the first American president to visit Albania and people from that country remember him all too well. Thomaidha Kaziu saw the president when he visited her town and he noted he remarkable resemblance to his mother. Anyway, the people in Fushe Kruje, a small town near the capitol of Tirana, have erected a statue of the man from Texas with his shirt sleeved body gazing at the world in defiance of terrorism.

Look you American liberals, George Bush is a hero to the people of Albania. OK, can Barack Obama step foot in Albania and even be recognized? God bless you George for placing the American flag in the hearts of Albanian people. Just remember, if we invade Tibet or Iran, Albanian soldiers will be right by our side!