George Bush–Israel’s Worst Enemy!!

Many members of my family insist George Bush is the “best friend” Israel ever had in sharp contrast to “evil” people like Jimmy Carter. Of course, Jimmy Carter was the only American president to help Israel end a conflict with an Arab nation. During the past few days, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice worked with European leaders in order to develop a cease fire program that would end the madness that now envelops Gaza. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Rice worked out a cease fire in order to halt the slaughter now being inflicted on Palestinians. As Rice worked on the plan, she kept in constant contact with Washington D.C. to make certain everyone was on board for the agreement.

However, just as the ministers were taking their seats in the Security Council, Secretary of State Rice was called to the telephone where she was informed by President Bush not to vote for the resolution. All Rice could say was that America agreed with the need for an end to fighting.

George Bush has become Israel’s worst nightmare, a man who would rather see Israel commit blunder after blunder than to find a way for peace. Thank God, Barack Obama will be president in a week. Any supporter of Israel who believes refusing to sign a cease fire contributes to the security of that nation should take a look at how Bush ensured the security of the United States of America.