George Bush Tells All-Sort Of

George Bush wrote a memoir, or at least he helped someone write his memoir, and now is the time for selling what he didn’t write to people who once were angry at him, but how can anyone remain mad at a man with a nice smile. He appears on jay Leno, they exchange jokes, smiles are on both faces, the audience gives him a rousing welcome, and George proceeds to tell his version of how the nation became involved in two wars. It is simply the American way of allowing those who lied or stole or caused the death of thousands to return in triumph to the scene of their disasters in a manner that represents good will to all. Oh, Abraham Lincoln did lead the nation into victory that was brutal, but in those days people felt anguish and pain, so a Southerner killed President Lincoln. But, this is today, the era of popular media in which an incompetent dancer can advance to the finals because judges like her mom.

During the interviews the last thing an interviewer will pose to George is a question requiring reflection. At no point will George be asked if he has anything to say to the mothers, wives, and children of the 5,000 dead Americans who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. To pose such questions is simply “not polite” nor in keeping with the Era of Good Feelings that now reigns when discussing the follies and crimes of our former president. At least in England, people shout, “murderer” at former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Ah, but this is America, the land of forgive and forget those who betrayed their country. Have a good one, George.