George Orwell Alive In Israel

Israel security forces were ready to greet a man who threatened security of their nation. They waited until the plane landed, and guns were locked ready for action when the slight young man approached them. His name was not Mohammed, but Matan Cohen but he was coming from a well known terrorist center, Hampshire College in America. Mr.Cohen was informed that he was being detained on suspicion of “hostile activity.” Cohen asked the soldiers who had decided to arrest him. Following is the ensuing dialogue:

Cohen: “Was it you who decided to detain me?”

Policemen: “No, security elements did.”

Cohen: “Meaning the Shin Bet Security service?”

Policemen: “Yes, the Shin Bet Jewish department.”

Cohen: “Am I a suspect or something?”

Policemen: “You’re not a suspect. You are suspected.”

Cohen: ‘you’re grammar is am