George Zimmerman, Hero To NRA?

The war against young black males in the United States continues and the murder of  Trayvon Martin is simply just a new skirmish in this conflict. There is no question if a black male had shot an unarmed white boy who had gone out shopping that Fox News and conservatives would be shouting this was simply another example of the decline of America due to electing some black dude as president. The brother of George Zimmerman insists that when force is directed at you the only solution is to respond with force.

An eye witness told CNN that he witnessed a scene in which a heavier man was on top of person, there was a shot, and “after the larger man got off there was a  boy,obviously dead on the ground face down…It was an Hispanic man. He didn’t appear hurt or anything. I saw no blood.” The video camera at the police station depicts Zimmerman entering and there is no sign of blood on his shirt.

The real criminal in this case is the National Rifle Association and all the idiots who belong to it. They are just itching to shoot someone or some animal. In this case, they got to shoot and kill an “animal”– a black teen age boy.

  • azonerimm

    Okay.  Who are you really, and where did you put your brain?  That kind of specious rhetoric against the NRA and its members in totum weakens the speaker, not the spoken-of.  You sound more racist than your opposition.