George Zimmerman, Victim?

Every time a young black boy or girl is gunned down on the streets of
America we experience two stages. Initially, there might be shock, but within a day it is followed by “explanations” as to why the shooter had to shoot. We are now at the stage of defending and explaining why poor George Zimmerman was in peril of his life and simply had to gun down the boy. We are also treated to claims that black folk are treated equally by the police, after all the President is black which means there is now equal treatment for all in America.

One of Zimmerman’s friends insists that George did not say Trayvon was a “coon”but a “goon.” He insists George was in peril. Trayvon was a slightly built teenager, he lacked any weapon and Zimmerman was stronger. Reality is that to be black in America is to be halted, frisked and treated as a “potential criminal.” Ask any policeman whether they more often profile black and Hispanics over those with white skins.

The only “explanation” for the death of this boy is– he had a black skin. Period.