Georgia And Russia Conflict Remains In Limbo

The conflict between Georgia and Russia remains in a twilight zone in which neither side is clear as to the final outcome of events over the past few months. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe(OSCE) was established to monitor the border area between the two nations, but it has decided to end its mission after Russia blocked a proposal to extend its operation. The OSCE viewed its goal as protecting the integrity of Georgia, but neither Russia nor Georgia agrees as to the status of South Ossetia. Is it still a province of Georgia? Is it an independent nation? Is it potentially a part of Russia?

No answers to these questions are possible until Barack Obama becomes president and meets with President Medvedev of Russia to iron out problems caused by the Bush administration. Bush pushed for missile bases which angered and frightened Russia and he most probably urged Georgia to engage in its ill fated invasion of South Ossetia. Hopefully, President Obama can negotiate a compromise dealing with these issues.