Georgia Began War In South Ossetia Says EU Report

Last year the right wing media and the Bush administration insisted that Russia was responsible for initiating the war against Georgia during the dispute over South Ossetia.
A European Union task force investigated the war and has concluded that Russia was responsible for a long period of provocations, but it was Georgia which took initial actions to begin the war. The report stated bluntly, “operations started with a massive Georgian military attack” and there was no evidence to suggest Russian forces began the war.

However, the report makes clear “much of the Russian military action went far beyond the reasonable limits of defense” and the vicious response to the Georgian attack was out of all proportion to what had happened.

It is ironic but the report about Russia-Georgia is remarkably similar to reports concerning events in Gaza. For some reason, anti-Israel critics who seek a boycott of that nation are remarkably silent on the issue of boycotting Russia for doing what they claim Israel did.