Georgia Stripper Assumes Government Position

President Mikhail Saakashvili has a reputation of appointing young men and women to important government positions in Georgia because he wants to get rid of anyone who was around when Georgia was part of the Soviet Union. However, his appointment of Vera Kabalia as the Economy Minister has raised some eyebrows. A photo is circulating on the Internet which depicts Vera and a group of friends at a strip joint and they are posing as strippers. Nodar Dzhavakishvili, former banker and government official, expressed concern that a person who lacks any education or experience in the field of commerce should be given “the position of the head of the main economic body in the country without either the necessary education or any experience whatsoever” can only be construed as an amazing expression of confidence by the president. Of course, that is one man’s opinion, and obviously, not the views of a man who goes to strip joints.

Should strippers be running a nation’s economy? Well, the typical stripper knows how to extract money from men without doing anything other than removing a few layers of clothes. They understand how to get down to the bare essentials and be open about showing the wares of Georgia in a manner that will secure positive reactions from other nations. Take it off, Vera, take off deficits and put on a surplus.