Georgian Army–Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight!

American military advisers who helped train the Georgian army spoke wistfully of the poor performance of their students. US personnel said Georgians had a good spirit but were completely unprepared to fight in a modern battle. Captain Jeff Barta, a trainer, commented about his former students, “if this was a U.S. brigade, ;it would not have gone into combat.” The Americans arrived August 7 to find there was no more training and the soldiers were sitting around singing folk songs as an Orthodox priest chanted and waved incense. According to Barta, a high percent of the Georgians were from rural areas and illiterate lacking skills in assuming initiative and were simply unprepared for combat against a modern army.

The Americans trained Georgians to use the M-4 rifle but when they went into combat, they preferred the older Russian AK-47 and they appeared incapable of firing single shots, instead letting off burst of wild shots from automatic weapons. Communications were so inept the men had to resort to use of their cell phones which allowed the Russians to tune into their conversations.

The entire operation was a mess and the person responsible is the president of Georgia. His first mistake was misinterpreting the words of George Bush.