Georgian President Warned To Foster Democracy

George Bush has been responsible for fostering many myths about democracy including his claim that Georgian President MIhheil Saakashvili was a defender of a democratic society which was invaded by brutal Russia. The issue as to whether Georgia or Russia initiated the war is still a debate, but there is no doubt Georgia is not a democratic nation. A prominent European think tank said Georgia must follow through with needed economic and political reforms in the coming months. The Brussels based International Crisis Group, said Saakashvili’s administration will “be severely tested politically and economically in the winder and spring ahead.” It charges economic and political liberalism have been thwarted by his authoritarianism and stifling of free speech.

The Georgian opposition is now charging Saakashvili began the war with Russia and insisting democratic reforms are necessary. The Brussels group called for creation of an independent judiciary, elimination of high level corruption and freedom for the media to report the truth, not the government’s view as to what constitutes the truth.