German Agent Brokers Mideast Peace

A member of the German intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst(BND) has been responsible for brokering an exchange deal between Israel and Hezbollah on behalf of the United Nations. He has now enabled development of an official proposal which is on the table and the Israeli government will shortly decide whether or not to accept it. Gerhard C, who goes by the nickname, ‘Mr. Hezbollah,” has been shuttling back and forth in an effort to secure the release of two Israeli soldiers, either held prisoner or more likely are dead, who will be exchanged for four Hezbollah miitiamen. A sticking point is that one of the four Hezbollah prisoneers is Samir Kuntar who murdered an Israeli family including smashing in the head of a young girl.

A major issue standing in the way of an exchange is the demand of Hezbollah for the additional release of a few dozen Palestinians held prisoner. Israel fears releasing them will weaken its hand in negotiations with Hamas which has made similar demands for release of hundreds of prisoners in exchange for a captured Israeli soldier. Gerhard C. is prposing that after the return of the Israeli soldiers, a period of time would elapse before Israel releases other prisoners to avoid allowing Hezbollah to claim it obtained their freedom.