German Elite Unit In Afghanistan In Disarray

The German government is investigating reports that its famed elite unit, ‘Kommando Spezialkrafte” was initially dumped into Afghanistan without a clear mission or responsibilities. As a result, many soldiers grew addicted to alcohol and became disorganized in their daily behavior. According to Der Spiegel: “Drunken superiors, life-threatening vehicle training in minded territory” added to confusion as to what exactly were German soldiers doing in Afghanistan. An American officer described to Der Spiegel a briefing session in which a German officer walked in drunk and had to be escorted out.

The situation is further complicated because files on members of the unit have mysteriously disappeared. At the core of the problem is having an elite unit with no clear missions to perform. Boredom most probably led to alcoholism and misbehavior. Perhaps, the unit is a metaphor for everything that has gone wrong in Afghanistan. There was never a concise or clear mission about what was to be accomplished other than initially defeating the Taliban.