German Environment Minister Furious at US

The Environment Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel is angry at the American refusal to enter into binding agreements about emission reductions. Germany has been attempting for months to get Bush to agree on the need for emission controls, but the president obviously is concerned that such action might upset some of his wealthy backers. The United States has refused to enter into any binding agreement. As Gabriel asks: “If the industrialized nations don’t take responsibility, then why should developing countries do so?”

Perhaps I am being too harsh in blaming Bush for concern about the economic impact upon wealthy corporations. Perhaps it is simply that the president really doesn’t believe in global warming. I guess when he sees pictures of melting glaciers he simply enjoys the scenery or he gets excited that if glaciers melt it opens new possibilities for finding oil in northern areas. The man is the most inept president in our nation’s history, but this refusal to work on global warming has incredible consequences for our children.
Information from Der Spiegel