German General Says Afghanistan Not Germane

Harald Kujat, former general inspector of the German military came out with a blunt analysis of what he worked on for years as part of his nation’s military in Afghanistan. The long and short of his view is Germany wasted time, energy and people in a futile effort. “The mission fulfilled the political aim of showing solidarity with the United States. But, if you measure progress against the goal of stabilizing a country and a region, then the mission has failed.” Unfortunately, too few in American politics  will be as blunt or honest about the ten years in that faraway country.

Kujat’s ideas were supported by Germany’s special representative in Afghanistan. Michael Steiner told it like it is and will be. “If we withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014 then the Taliban will take over power again within a few months.” So, what is the alternative? Few are willing to offer anything other than identifying the problem.

We suggest there are possible alternatives:

1. Provide extensive weapons to local clan and ethnic groups and let them fight the Taliban.

2.  Purchase the entire poppy crop to deprive the Taliban of funds.

3.  Tell Pakistan they are on their own unless a willingness is displayed to deal with the Taliban.