German Government Cancels Cologne Race Rally

German police cancelled an anti-Islamic congress planned for this past weekend in Cologne after leftist and right wing groups clashed in the streets. The group Pro-Cologne organized the rally in order to protest a decision of the city government to allow construction of a mosque with a high dome and minarets. Right wingers had urged nationalist groups from around Europe to join in their protest against the right of Muslims to practice their religion. Police estimated at least 40,000 people were protesting the right wing assembly. The protests began rather peacefully, but Friday evening participants engaged in violent fighting with one another.

The Pro-Cologne movement is merely a symptom of a sickness that pervades many European nations. Despite the horror of World War II which witnessed the results of hate on a scale previously unknown in human history, right wing fanatics continue not merely to deny the Holocaust or death of gays and Romas, but their own inability to recognize the humanity of those who differ. They are a rather sick group of people who are in need of psychological aid.