German Government Fears Terror Attack

Germany has among the largest Muslim society in Europe which has caused concern that among these millions a few terrorists will emerge to create terror within the nation. German authorities have uncovered evidence from the Islamic Jihad Union, a group that has been monitored for years, of possible upcoming attacks within Germany. An important member of the group is Eric B. who has been the object of an extensive search. He is seen in a video, which depicts a suicide bomber trained by the group, who blow himself up in Afghanistan and kills American soldiers. Eric B. also has close ties with the Sauerland Cell which has trained suicide bombers for action in Afghanistan.

No society can prevent suicide bombers from doing damage. Obviously, the best strategy is avoiding these incidents. Germany for years has not done enough to end prejudice in its country or to absorb young Muslims into high tech occupations or in positions where they can feel a sense of belonging and power. A preventive approach may well, in the end, prove more effective than only relying on police operations.