German Language Test Scares Immigrants

The number of immigrants who are becoming citizens of Germany has dropped by fifteen percent since the introduction of a controversial language test. It is believed many feel they will not pass the test and therefore don’t even apply for citizenship. An inquiry by Parliament reveals the pattern is similar in all sections of Germany– fewer immigrants taking the test and fear that by taking it and failing it will prevent them from ever becoming a citizen. However, Maria Bohmer, the nation’s integration representative, believes the test is not the problem. She thinks Germans must develop a more welcome culture so that immigrants will feel comfortable and not so fearful of government.

There is also another view that many immigrants don’t take the test because they already have jobs and see no reason to assume any risk to their current occupation by failing a government examination. Other experts believe many Turks still dream of returning to their original home and do wish to risk abandoning Turkish citizenship for German. Germany does not allow dual citizenship except in some unusual circumstances.

  • corvousier

    Since this administration as well as the late are not going to control our borders, we should try the same type of test here in the US, just add advance algebra and calculus to the mix. Maybe we can control immigration this way;)

  • Fred Stopsky

    Check the number of teaching assistants at colleges who work in math. Most are from other nations.

  • corvousier

    The math was a joke, or liberals have no sense of humor?;) Please, don’t touch the education issue in the US, because you just answer that problem a little bit.