German Minister Speaks Nonsense!

This is not the best week in the story of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s tenure in office as one of her ministers had to resign from the Cabinet due to charges of plagiarism and his replacement made that charge seem like a compliment. Literally, within days of assuming the position of Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich opened his mouth a bit too wide and when it finally closed all hell had broken loose. Her chose to led Muslim citizens of Germany know: “that Islam is part of Germany is a fact that cannot be proved by history.” The subject of where do Muslims fit into German society has been debated for years. Just a few months ago, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan on a visit to Germany made clear he believes Turkish immigrants might integrate within society, but they should not abandon their Turkish heritage and values.

A few days ago, Alexander Dobrindt of Merkel’s political partner, the Christian Social Union, told a German weekly that while there are Muslims in Germany, “Islam is not part of the German Leitkultur(mainstream culture)” Germany has at least four million Turkish Muslim immigrants and hundreds of thousands of their children were born in Germany, educated in Germany and consider themselves German. That is REALITY!