German Muslims Overwhelmingly Reject Violence

A German Interior Ministry study of Muslim life in their nation revealed about 40% held a “fundamentalist orientation” which was equated with having strong religious moral values and world view. However, 92% rejected religiously motivated terrorism and violence. Around 6% were classified as harboring “violent tendencies,” and about 14% were regarded as having “anti-democratic tendencies.” Jurgen Mansel, a sociologist at the University of Bielfeld, in a statement to the press said ‘there is no evidence that there is more of a violent tendency among Muslims or immigrants than there is among other groups in Germany.”

German newspapers took a measured reaction to the study. Die Tageazeitung noted< ‘Actually the study’s findings should have a calming effect. They’re definitely not surprising. Some Muslim haters may now feel justified. More generally, though, the study offers very little substance. Just the opposite, in fact: when compared with ethnic Germans and non-Muslims immigrants, from the same educational and socio-economic backgrounds, one finds comparable attitudes.” After all, Germany still has a non-democratic group which lived for many years in the old East Germany and among them are people who have never adjusted to German democracy. In the history of America, there is considerable evidence that immigrant groups quite often in their early years in America had a small minority among them who were into crime and certainly did not accept the democratic constitutional nature of the United States.