German Officers Trained Libyan Forces

Some thirty German officers who came from elite units of the German army are under investigation over allegatons they secretly tained Lbyan security forces on their own time and without permision. According to a German newspaper story, the officers carried out secet training exercises in Libya without telling their superiors of this work. Interior Minister Ingo Wolff commented, “The conduct of the officers is completely unacceptable.” Apparently the men decided to make a few extra marks by establishing their own security company and cashing in on the milk cow of Libya for their moonlighting work. The officers were paid up to 15,000 Euros for this extra-curricular activity.

These members of the German military simply decided to follow the privatizing trend that is so common in America where fighting the enemy is outsourced to the highest bidder. The maket driven process is now being extended to soldiers and wars. Perhaps, in the future these corporations can arrange to fight with one another and leave the rest of society in peace.