German Police Remove Pro – Israel Flag

A crowd gathered in the city of Duisburg in order to express their opposition to the Israel invasion of Gaza and the deaths of people. On their march, some of the members of the demonstration noticed an Israel flag that was hanging from a window, apparently in support of the government of Israel. The crowd began shouting and German police rushed into the building and then broke down the door of the apartment in order to remove the flag. The student is a strong supporter of Israel and due to the anger of Muslims in Duisburg a newspaper can not even mention the student’s name because of fear he will be attacked by those who do not like Israel.

Videos later confirmed the mob cheered actions of the German police. Actually, the student was down stairs watching the parade in order to document any anti-semitic actions and when the demonstration passed the apartment building he approached a police officer to ask why his apartment door had been broken. The police told him to stay away from the window and be careful.

Is this modern Germany where a citizen does not have the right to express an opinion? Doe Muslims in Germany have the right to intimidate those who oppose their views? After all, this is not the first time Muslims in Europe have attempted to intimidate those who express views they don’t like whether it be words or cartoons. People have a right to condemn the Israel policies in Gaza. They also have a right to support them.