Since the end of World War II, the German government has been among the strongest supporters of Israel, but recent events such as the arrival to power of Benjamin Netanyahu have led to serious rethinking of Middle Eastern issues. Der Spiegel noted there was wide agreement across the spectrum of the German press that Netanyahu offered nothing new in his speech to Congress. “Commentators writing in Germany’s main newspapers agree that Netanyahu’s statements would be popular back in Israel, but were highly critical of a stance they say threatens to destroy a fragile opportunity for peace in the Middle East.” As Der Tagesspiegel put it “the speech he gave was one in which pathos accompanied dramatic simplification.”

The shame of Congress was failure on the part of those who have a lucid understanding of issues in the Middle East, but they remained silent due to Republican yahoos who played to the “Jewish vote.” Those American Jews who care about Israel must support efforts of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to initiate honest negotiation.

Within a year, most European nations will recognize the nation of Palestine and Israel will be completely alone in the world–except for the fact no American political leader has the courage to speak the truth to Americans.