German Spanish Arrives

The dream of Germans during the Nazi era was to spread across Europe ad bring their culture to the world. Alas, today, Germans are not going anywhere but, instead are welcoming those from other areas of Europe. A new program to bring skilled and semi-skilled Spanish workers to Germany confronts two problems- the need for semi-skilled workers and the need to bring in more Christians in order to prevent Muslims from gaining greater population strength. Small business firms will partner Spanish workers with their own people and, hopefully, within a year there will be a hard working Spanish German added to the work force and the “German” population.

The collapse of Spain’s construction industry  has left hundreds of thousands    available to work, and if the weather is a bit colder, who cares as  long as their is work. Unlike America, Germany welcomes immigrants and many receive subsidies while they adjust to life in Germany. In some cases, government finances the trip to Germany. Ami,welcome to Germany.