German Wins Rendition Case Against CIA

The long nightmare for Americans will not be over for many years since it will require time to digest the Bush violation of Constitutional and international human rights. Khaled el-Masri, a Lebanese-born German national, was abducted by the CIA in Macedonia in 2004 and flown to Afghanistan to be interrogated on terrorism charges. The court awarded Masri nearly a million dollars in compensation for the abuse he endured. He was a victim of the CIA rendition program which resulted in him being beaten and bullied for nearly five months while being held in Afghanistan. CIA agents could not terrorize individuals in America so they were sent to foreign locales where people were not protected by constitutional procedures.

Mr. el-Masri also filed a lawsuit against the United States but the Supreme Court upheld the decision to reject the case on national security grounds. It is important for the soul of America to bring to justice all officials in the Bush government who created the rendition program and subject them to legal procedures as a warning to others that justice will triumph over those who violate the Constitution.