Germans And Europeans Hail Obama Victory

Angela Merkel of Germany hailed the victory of Barack Obama and invited the new American leader to visit Germany and discuss with European leaders how to move forward. Der Spiegel reported receiving hundreds of e-mail exchanges from people all over Europe who expect newly elected president Barack Obama to have America join the Kyoto pact, to close down the shame of Guantanamo prison and to work closely with other nations of the world. Margot Wallstrom, vice president of the European Commission, noted, “I believe we are entering into a new era of trans-Atlantic relations.” She expressed hope Obama will work with world leaders to finally confront issues of global warming, the financial crisis, and world hunger and disease. ‘I believe the era of US unilateralism is over, and that partnership with Europe has become a central plank of US foreign policy.”

Obama will find a welcome reception in Europe which is anxious to end the Bush era of madness and war. European leaders seek peace and serious American commitment to deal with global issues in a cooperative manner.

  • Ray

    I am simply amazed at the ignorance, bigotry, and hypocrisy of Europeans with regard to the USA.
    (1) President George Bush is not responsible for the rejection of the Kyoto Treaty. That treaty was rejected in 1998 under the Clinton Administration.
    (2) The US Senate approves or rejects treaties. In this case, the ENTIRE US SENATE, 98-0, voted against the Kyoto Treaty. All Democratic Senators, including John Kerry, voted against it.
    (3) Contrary to European lies, the USA is not the loner here. Europe is the loner as India, China, and Japan rejected the treaty. And Italy is calling for the treaty renewal to be rejectd in 2012. It seems you are blaming the wrong person and the election of Obama is NOT going to change that. You are delusional!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Yes, Clinton rejected the Kyoto treaty because Republicans controlled Congress and made it clear they would not accept it. He accepted reality. Bush had a majority in Congress and turned down, not just Kyoto, but every single idea about global warming because he did not believe there was such a thing as global warming. How about reading Bush’s statements?