Germans Baffled By US Opposing Healthcare!!

Most Europeans are baffled by the controversy in America concerning national health care. Republicans claim national health care insurance is an example of Socialism or Communism. It originally was introduced into Germany in the NINETEENTH CENTURY by arch CONSERVATIVE Otto von  Bismarck in order to challenge Socialism. Europeans understand that health insurance MUST include healthy as well as sick people or the insurance system would  collapse, that is a basic concept of all insurance plans.

German businessmen are completely confused why American businessmen do not support national health insurance. In Europe, businessmen can produce cars without worrying about the large cost paid by American businessmen for worker health care. Americans now rank about 15th in life expectancy and more children die young than in  20 other nations.

Cynthia Barcomi, a German cafe owner put it this way: “The national healthcare system is an incredibly important thing for everybody, for the entire society and for the health of society.” Conservatives insist they are religious. Do any of them believe Jesus would have opposed health care for the poor??