Germans Furious At Hitler Comparisons

I constantly encounter people who express thoughts such as, “You may not agree with what Glenn Beck says, but he is well read.” Really! The German newspaper, Der Spiegel, expressed horror at ignorant comments made by Glenn Beck every night of the week. The paper is particularly furious at his stupid comparisons between Nazi Germany and Barack Obama. “During his show on Oct 5, Glenn Beck said that Obama’s science advisor John Holdren’s concern about the global populaiton and White House policy advisor Ezekiel Emanuel’s warnings about global warming are, ‘the kind of thinking that led to… the extermination program that eventually led to the Holocaust.” To a German those words are insulting both to the memory of what happened in the Holocaust, but to efforts by Germans to confront its horror. “It would be hard to find someone on this side of the Atlantic who wouldn’t cringe at the ignorance of that statement… The Holocaust was the result of murderous ideological fanaticism of the kind not to be found in leaders forced to face re-election every four years. It was not the result of a policy meeting.”

In June, Beck compared children singing for Barack Obama was “out of the playbook of the Third Reich.. This is Hitler Youth.” Naturally, Beck doesn’t have the faintest understanding of the Hitler Youth. As Der Spiegel notes: “The Hitler Youth was the ideological training grounds designed to prepare German boys for a glorious career in SS murdering anyone who stood in the way of the Fuhrer’s dream of a vast and racially pure German Reich.”

The sad aspect of Glenn Beck is his followers are as ignorant of history as their Fuhrer.

  • journeyer58

    Of course, one can only expect the worst from someone who, is by his own words, a fierce and loyal ‘patriot.’ This type of individual can only see the trees, those trees which are pointed out to him by others. He has no vision of his own, but spouts a party line of conspiracy and outright lies which cannot and will never be proven.
    People like Glenn Beck are nothing more than parrots for a select and feverishly rabid group of people. These individuals are nothing if not insane. Watch Glenn Beck any night of the week and you will see the future of America if we let it happen this way. All will be accountable to a ‘church,’ a Christian Church. No mosque or synagogue will do. Only those with the proper papers will be able to do anything, the rest of us poor schlumps will have to do what the elite Christian minority says, much like the Taliban and other extremist groups have taken over the countries of the Middle East. America will no longer be the bastion of freedom, it will be the bastion of intolerance and abuse of the other.
    This scapegoating of the ‘other’ is what lead to the holocaust and other such atrocities since time immemorial. Are we now to experience this type of intolerant and bigoted behaviour in the U.S.? I hope not. I think not.