Germany And US Back Off Libya Rebels

The German government of Prime Minister Merkel and President Barack Obama are the two main opponents to taking action in Libya to assist those fighting Gaddafi. Germany was approached by France and England to join in establishing a no-fly zone in Libya, but Merkel refused to join the effort. Far be it from this correspondent to raise the issue of Germany’s import of large amounts of oil as a factor in seeking to please the Libyan thug dictator. However, European Union leaders are discussing possible action. President Obama issued instructions to the US delegation at the UN Security Council “to continue to fully engage with discussions at the United Nations, NATO and with parties and organizations in the region.” I trust people in Libya can sleep peacefully tonight knowing the US and other nations are discussing their situation. From all indications, we can expect Gaddafi to regain control of his nation within the coming ten days.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe who has been begging for military action in Libya has come to the conclusion it may well be “too little and too late” at this point in time.