Germany Continues Population Decline

The story of Europe is the continual decline in its birth rate which means in the coming years there will not be enough new babies to compensate for the death rate. The German government is offering strong incentives for women to remain home caring for babies. A woman who elects to remain with the child receives up to 67% of her net income and there are also provisions for both parents to remain home as care givers. However, the number o births in Germany dropped during the months of October and November just when it appeared the incentives might work to increase the number of births. The drop in births during those two months was about 11.7% fewer babies. Overall, it is estimated the drop for the year is about 1.7%.

Reality is if birth rates do not increase the alternative is to increase immigration since a modern nation needs bodies in order to fuel its economic growth. Who knows, will there come a time in the future when Americans will be headed to Europe to take jobs created by the decline in the birth rate.

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    It is very suprising data, as the immigration to Germany Has raised on the last few years, especially from Turkey.