Get A Car, Get A Gun

Americans are an interesting people who are obsessed with guns and guns and guns. There are folk who want to take guns into church in case Jesus says something about Obama being one of his children or in case some damn Democrat shows up and talks about peace and love. God made us to enjoy the bountiful number of weapons on this Earth. Heck, one can take a branch and transform it into a lethal weapon. This is no quirk, the good Lord wanted us prepared in case we were attacked. Nick Ginette of Sanford Florida wants to spread the joy of guns to those who purchase one of his vehicles. He is offering car buyers a FREE AK-47 rifle with every purchase of a car. I believe Mr. Ginette’s idea could be applied in other situations.

1. With every grade of A received in class, the student will be given an automatic to use on teachers who give D grades.

2. Every worker fired as part of cut-backs will be awarded a switch blade to cut out the heart of the person doing the cut-back.

3. At the divorce proceeding the winner of a lottery is given an assault rifle to use on the losing partner.