Once upon a time there was a young lawyer who taught constitutional law and urged that American civil rights must be protected from government intrusion into private lives. The young man grew up to become President of the United States of America which resulted in his shift from private rights of citizens to the right of government to intrude into every aspect of our rights. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court decided there was such a thing termed –privacy. In a vote of 9-0, each and every judge ruled against the right of government to search cell phones of citizens! Justice Roberts speaking for the court made clear that in modern life, “cell phones keep on the person’s digital record nearly every aspect of their lives.” To enter the cell phone records might result in “disclosure of intimate aspects of their personal life record.”

The court made clear to each and every police force or government security agency that before they explore personal cell phone records they must GET A WARRANT! I am certain that President Obama is now upset at this assault by the court upon NATIONAL SECURITY. Isn’t it wonderful that our president once taught about private rights of individuals?