Get High In Uruguay!

It has merely been a matter of time before a nation decided that common sense and good economic thinking resulted in passage of legislation that would allow people in its nation to engage in the act of getting a legal high with a bit of cannabis. Well, welcome to the intelligent people of Uruguay who passed a law that allowsfor the state to regulate the productio, distribtion, sale and consumption of the ever popular illegal drug. Registered users will be able to purchase up to 40g of marijuana each month in order to enjoy a happy party for one and all. A government run cannais Institute wil set the official price so citizens can legally purchase what they need for a happy life.

It will take about four months for the first legal crop to arrive and after that crops will continue to be regulated. Now, the fight begins-those who fear marijuana becoming an addiction vs those who believe the greater fear are drug lords who foster government corruption and crime. I opt for government control.