Get In UN, Cause Problems!

Ah, those pesky Palestinians are at it again, insisting they have a right to attain observer status in the UN. Israel is adamantly opposed, the US is opposed, and England also warns Palestinians they have no right to have such a status. I guess President Abbas  does not understand that Palestinians can only adhere to the Netanyahu rules. The Netanyahu Rules say that Israel can constantly seize land in the West Bank, Israel can create barriers which prevent Palestinians conducting their business, and if only Abbas would accept the concept that Israel determines what can or can not be done, then peace and prosperity would become part of Palestinian life.

Abbas has asked for a simple TEMPORARY idea, freeze settlements while negotiations proceed. He is willing to negotiate about allowing some settlements to remain in Israel but as a leader of his nation, he can not accept nonstop expansion of Israel settlers in the West Bank. Now, exactly what is so difficult about his proposal?