Get Off The Bus-Shameless Woman!!

Yagmur Yilmaz, a 21 year old Turkish woman was headed home and waited for the next bus to appear. Along came the bus, she boarded it only to be greeted with shouts of “shame, shame” from a group of bearded Turben clad men and women wearing their burqas. They shouted for her to get off the bus along with her sweat pants and tee shirt. The bus driver said nothing, no one no the bus came to her defense as the shouts grew louder and threats became more frightful. She waited for the next bus.

Many years ago during the Civil Rights movement white skinned Christian men and women shouted for blacks to get off the bus as they shouted for the right to get on the bus. Recently in Israel, religious fanatics tried to force women to sit on one side of the bus. We offer the following suggestion to all religious  fanatics whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish:

1. Have you folk considered forming a coalition of religious fanatics?

2. How about buses  that only cater to religious nut cases. They could be equal opportunity buses for any member of a religion that just knows what God wears.

Flash! I just was informed by God Himself that he daily goes for a work out and wears sweat pants!