Get Out Of Prison Card Used In Yemen

Every so often one begins to wonder what exactly is the purpose of fighting with members of al-Qaeda. At some point, the good guys will capture some of the bad guys who will then be sent to prison which enables them to have opportunities of preaching to those in jail about the desirability of joining al-Qaeda and obtain a means of getting to Heaven where one can enjoy the benefits of desirable females and enjoy an eternity of doing what the heck you want. Some al-Qaeda prisoners who originally were in Guantanamo prison in Cuba were sent to Saudi Arabia where they entered program on how to become a good guy. After passing the program and getting an “A” grade for good behavior they fled to Yemen where they engaged in some fighting-on the side of the bad guys.

Anyway, a vehicle loaded with explosives blew a hole in the main prison in the capital of Yemen and simultaneously some bad guys blasted away at the front entrance of the jail. To make a long story short, the bad guys who had become good guys escaped with some bad guys and are now in the hills killing some of the good guys. I trust this is clear to one and all. In the end, the bad guys who become good guys wind up being a bad guy.