Get Out, Says Sudan To All Relief Organizations!

President Omar al-Bashir has told every aid organization working in Darfur they must leave within one year or they will be thrown out. His defiant words came after the silence following his announcement last week that 13 agencies that were working with over two million refugees in Darfur had to leave. Strutting in his brand new uniform, the pompous thug who runs Sudan, announced: “I ordered humanitarian affairs officials that in one year we don’t want any foreign aid organizations working with our citizens and that Sudanese organizations will fulfill this role.” There is absolutely no chance Sudan organizations can or wish to work with Darfur refugees, given that Sudan rogue groups like the janjaweed were the ones who drove people from Darfur.

Al-Bashir in his sneering manner of dialogue said if the outside world seeks to send aid to Darfur they can leave the packages at the airport. Of course, if they are left at the air port, it is a certainty aid will never reach a single refugee. The Sudan leader could get away with this attitude because Muslim and Arab nations decried the International Criminal Court for issuing a warrant for his arrest. These are the same groups which go beserk when Israel violates international law, but in their view, genocide by Muslims or Arabs is not a cause of anger.