Get Raped, Get Lashed!

I confess to being ignorant, particularly when encountering the work of those who regard them selves as servants of God. All too often one comes across another story from a Muslim society in which men who adhere to the ideals of Sharia come across as rather bewildering. I respect other religions, I understand that each and every religion contains some ideas that just do not fit into my conception of love of God. A teenage girl in the Sudan was gang raped by three men, and then the girl was arrested for the crime of committing an “indecent act.” She was sentenced to jail and received 100 lashes!

The three men received 100 lashes for committing the act of “adultery.”

The two Sudan men who posted this story received 40 lashes.

Oh, the girl finally was informed her jail sentence was suspended.

All this done in the name of God.