Get Rid Of Civil Rights Judge!

In the non-ending story of crime and punishment in the United States of America, there is a fervent beleif the only way to end crime is by doing something to those of Hispanic or black heritage. Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled the famous “Stop and Frisk” procedures of the New York City Police Department violated the rights of certain groups of people. For some reason, about 80% of those stopped and frisked were either those with black colored skin or those of Hispanic heritage. A Federal Appeals Court ruled the Judge was out of order and removed her from the case. Attorneys for the Center of Constitutional Rights now argue this removal from a case was “unprecedented and unwarranted.”

What was the crime of Judge Shira? She refused to accept a belief that has no basis in reality. Crime has been dropping at the same rate as in New York in dozens of cities that do NOT stop and frisk. There is no evidence that Judge Scheindlin engaged in any unethical action, she simply disagreed with conventional wisdom. Reality, unlike conventional wisdom, knows that crime goes down if certan factors are at play: the age cohort, 17-28 is reduced, actions that were once “crimes” are made legal(gambling, use of marijuana) or changes in the economy. The Judge was correct, stop and frisk had no impact on crime.